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love illuminates the blind

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some  great non musical moments for Rachel Berry season 3.

had the worst dream last night. I woke up bawling my eyes out

i had a dream that my boyfriend died.

then I felt extreme sadness for Lea and Becca

then I just really missed Cory.

and then I felt even sadder because I could look over and he was still there… but that doesn’t happen to them.

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marksalling Pink is for princesses

@msleamichele “I don’t care.. What they’re going to say.. Let the storm rage on.. The cold never bothered me anyway…” 

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when your boyfriend tells you all about his day and you listen

then he says “yeah.. ohhh coool” when you tell him about something in your day

then leaves with nothing else to say

wellllllll i just listened and had a conversation about your day

communication is a two way street there buddy